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3 - open spam, gift list

[Open spam]

[Mira spends a lot of time in the greenhouse. She's barefoot, shoes dangling from magnetic straps from two fingers, enjoying the organic feeling of soil beneath her soles. She is so bored, and so still. She doesn't know if she wants it to stop or not.]

[Private to the Admiral]

This isn't my tradition.


For Iris, if there’s anything she’d want to remember, all things considered, if she knew she’d forgotten it – don’t tell her. Just…give her a clue, so she can be her own puzzle.

Please give Harvey a white poppy boutonniere. It's a sign of peace.

...what the hell. Give Two-Face a carnival mirror. Really warped. The right thickness to shatter in a satisfying way, if that's how he takes it.

Wherever there are public religions, there are people that mock them, loudly or quietly. If you would, please give Arthas a collection of satirical jokes made by people in his world about any gods he believes wronged him.

Give Cassel a conductor’s hat and a train whistle.
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[Jean hasn't visited the greenhouse since she came back. But she's been out of her room a lot more, lately, and it's only natural she'd be drawn to the quietly blooming life of it.

Her steps are light and careful, as she winds through the leaves, taking in the sight and scent of new plants. Some of them she can even feel, in the back of her mind.

She feels Mira's presence before she sees her - it's like a blade through the bushes - but she doesn't hurry, toward or away. They meet in their own time, and Jean smiles.]

It's nice, isn't it?
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[Jean was always good at spotting fondness, of catching subtle glints of happiness.

So she's smiling, a little, as she nods.]

It's close. [And it reminds her of the mansion's greenhouse, high and open and sunlit. It reminds her of Ororo, cradling flowers in her fingers.]

Have you been to the CES?
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It's amazing. It's not - it can't be real, but it feels like it. [And that means something, when you can feel the world itself pulsing around you.] It can be anywhere, anywhere natural any of us has ever been.
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Not exactly. [Her brow furrows, a bit.] But it - we shape it, I think, with our minds.
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[A sad, soft smile.] The grounds. At home, I lived in - a mansion, a school. And we had acres of just - trees and flowers and sunlight.
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Yes. It's strange, isn't it? The universe is... [Her gaze goes distant, for a moment.] Not limitless, not really, but... [She shakes her head; it's hard to put into words.]

Where are you from?
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[Jean feels it, of course, but she's good at not reacting to things unsaid; her expression doesn't change as she nods.]

It must be strange, then, being stuck in one place.
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[It's not that Iris hasn't been keeping an eye on Mira; but she feels that it might do the girl a disservice to take up too much of her time. Mira has her own adventuring to do and the Barge is a good place to learn her wings.

But she does see her around. She makes a point of it. Today, ostensibly bringing her dogs to sniff and scratch and pee in the gardens, she catches Mira's eye through the greenhouse glass and offers her luminous, delighted smile.]
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[Iris can never see Mira without wanting to hug her, but she hangs back, instead allowing Elvis and Solace to express her visceral surge of affection for her. Elvis presses his head into Mira's thighs while Solace smiles up into her face, tongue lolling happily and tail wagging his entire back end.]

Aye. We rescued 'em, a friend and me. They were killed in their own timeline, for being accessories to murder. 'E unhappened the murder and I brought 'em back 'ere. I'd just lost me bus and I needed minds like these around me. I don't do well isolated in me own 'ead, me.

You findng your feet 'ere, my love?
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My timeship. I sort of lost 'er for a while.

[Iris is getting better at stating this matter-of-factly, and she's progressing towards cheerful; it's the dogs that give her away. Both of them grow still, Solace trying to hide his head in Mira's legs and Elvis raising his muzzle to make a low, melodious whining sound. Iris' mouth purses.]

Shiteballs. It's all right, my loves, I'm sorry.

[She crouches to console them with dried venison sticks and ear rubbing, and continues speaking to Mira in a low-pitched voice, soothing for the dogs.]

I can get 'er back. I just 'ave to graduate Victor. Or, you know, motivate 'im to graduate 'imself. That's really the only way it ever works. You met 'im yet?