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Mira Hidalgo ([personal profile] exnihilo) wrote2013-12-28 10:26 pm

3 - open spam, gift list

[Open spam]

[Mira spends a lot of time in the greenhouse. She's barefoot, shoes dangling from magnetic straps from two fingers, enjoying the organic feeling of soil beneath her soles. She is so bored, and so still. She doesn't know if she wants it to stop or not.]

[Private to the Admiral]

This isn't my tradition.


For Iris, if there’s anything she’d want to remember, all things considered, if she knew she’d forgotten it – don’t tell her. Just…give her a clue, so she can be her own puzzle.

Please give Harvey a white poppy boutonniere. It's a sign of peace.

...what the hell. Give Two-Face a carnival mirror. Really warped. The right thickness to shatter in a satisfying way, if that's how he takes it.

Wherever there are public religions, there are people that mock them, loudly or quietly. If you would, please give Arthas a collection of satirical jokes made by people in his world about any gods he believes wronged him.

Give Cassel a conductor’s hat and a train whistle.

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