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11. Aquarelle

[Filtered away from Mal, Iris, and Cassel]

If you know that you were going to lose all your episodic memory - everything you've done, everyone you know - what would you try to record? Would you want your new self to know anything about you at all?

[Gift List:]

Abigail Hobbs - a sprig of mistletoe, without the usual holiday effects, sharpened to a dart on one end, leaves still present on the other.

Arthas Menethil - more spikes. Various sizes, ranging from sartorial to architectural, with one-use adhesive so he can place them as he sees fit.

Barbara Gordon - a dress coat of the same palette- and pattern-mimicking metamaterial as my stealth sheath dress, and some extra fabric to do with as she likes.

Cassel Sharpe - my old skeleton key. He's a warden, so that should be alright.

[The item in question is actually a very sophisticated piece of equipment, a rapid code-generating fractal-based tool for hacking passwords, electronic locks, and other digital barriers. For convenience, it generally looks like an old silver key, simultaneously smooth and ornate; the grooves and shadowy intricacies of darker tarnish and brighter polish are difficult for the eye to follow for long. It's heavy for its size, can fold to any port it needs to.]

Helena - a private mini-fridge and freezer combination, with a palm lock, and snacks she'll like inside.

Iris Wildthyme - a presentient AI, Turing 0.2, with standard engineering modules, to help with her robotics projects.

Luna Lovegood - a book of riddles without answers provided. Pens in several whimsical colors.

Mal - a variety of clip-on epaulettes, including her proper rank, excessive gilt, and symbols absurd and obscene. Anonymously, please also give her gothic opera glasses, depicting the hunt, and a single red herring. Smoked.

Merriel Shelton - that viciously spiced apple-habanero pie Darling fed me on our first date. Served piping hot, as it was to me.

Mickey Milkovich - a book of dirty French.

Stephen Hart - an atmosphere module. One of the good ones, with scents and humidity levels and customizable sound mixes.

Touko Fukawa - one of the nice memories she's lost. Can you do that?

And you should give yourself a first name, if you ever wanted one. Faramond, maybe.
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The fuck is with all the existential questions going on?
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cw: misogynist language

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Bitch, you know what I was asking.
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Of the-- [Right.

Fine. Only because he likes you, Mira.]

What's episodic memory?
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[He pulls a face, distasteful and uncomfortable. Suddenly, he really regrets getting suckered into these questions.]

I dunno. Family? I guess? The... good parts.

Maybe some people here?
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[Something about the way she repeats it, like she thinks it's a little silly or naive, embarrasses him. He grimaces and flips off the camera.]

The fuck you parts, okay? You asked.
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So what? You don't.
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Fuck-- [He shakes his head.] Is this 'cause of the flood or... port or whatever it was? The Narnia thing?
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[His mouth twitches, uncertain and unhappy. Would he like that? Would he hate it? He's not sure.]

What were you like? Were you the same?
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[He listens, but he's grimacing by the end.]

Jesus Christ... I dunno if I like other people enough to make that shit work.
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A fresh start isn't so bad. But that would depend, would others be able to recognize you?
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Nevermind. Definitely make some notes.
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It depends on who and how you know them. What you think they might do if they figured out you don't remember them anymore. That kind of thing.

So... why are you asking this, anyways?
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Sorry to hear that, then.
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Memory is who we are.

I'd record everything I could, but it wouldn't matter. I wouldn't really have learned from my mistakes if I didn't remember them.
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No. Why should he trust anyone?
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Learn by stumbling into the same things I did the first time around. But not by taking the word of someone he doesn't know.
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Not when I don't know I can win.
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I suppose not.

But life doesn't give you the luxury of never taking chances, either.
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If you listened you might be able to pick up where you left off. You're still you. In theory.
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It is a gamble, then. Not one I'd make willingly.